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Bleeding edge systems for dynamic PDF generation

Maintaining brand standards

The client came to us with an issue that many of their staff were generating documents that didn’t adhere to their brand or legal guidelines. They required a system that would allow their staff to enter custom content, or select from restricted options and produce PDFs that contained essential legal information and that stuck to the company’s branding.

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Multiple systems for different document types

Over the years of working with our client, we have built multiple systems to generate dynamic PDFs for them which all adhere to the company’s branding and legal guidelines. Each generator allows a unique set of options and distinctive layout and design of the final document enabling the final product to still feel individual.

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The final result

By giving the staff set options to complete, the compliance team can be assured that all documents produced using this system meet their strict criteria. Fewer documents passing through compliance, means compliance’s turn-around time has dramatically reduced.

Adhering to brand guidelines ensures that customers always feel like they are dealing with a reputable company and the information they are provided is accurate and trustworthy.

No more collating of company-wide information and manually editing a document that was never designed with more than set-text in mind. All staff know that simply by selecting the appropriate options, the system will produce a PDF that is specifically adapted to fit their options with the correct pricing and legal information.

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Dynamic PDF generation

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Bespoke e-commerce

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