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Our client wanted to be able to visit potential clients with a tablet device (iPad in this case) and set up a plan for said clients. Not only that, they required that the system be accessible from any part of the country - be that on a train, in a tunnel, on the tube, or anywhere that doesn’t have access to a WiFi connection. In addition to the sales system, the client wants to make a bespoke CMS system to control what items could be added to any given plan, and adjust the content of each, leaving them with a future proofed catch-all system for their sales personnel.

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The birth of an offline web app

Utilising the latest caching technologies, we were able to create a system that would allow the sales personnel to utilize the app offline and online, and synchronise the data between offline and online modes once a connection was detected. Once synchronised - often straight from the boardroom of a meeting - the clients were able to access their data via a unique link. Sales personnel could inform clients that their data was ready via a click of a button.

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The final result

When a content-change is made, the smart caching system synchronises with all devices as soon as they're online. Our solution utilises device storage to store files for use in locations without internet access.

The CMS integrates with an existing API for files and metadata, meaning there was no need for re uploading files and data. By working around the current business procedures, we were able to eliminate any impact on other areas of the company.

The system allows sales personnel to speed up the process of plan creation several fold, while simplifying the roll out process and allowing the end users to access their information independently. By providing a visual aid during sales meetings, our system creates an interactive experience with end users where they can explore the application as they would via their personal links. This combination of training and sales in a single session further saves time and resources.

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Lmx About Us Personal Service

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